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Monday, 25 July 2016

thumbnailChurch millions revealed

NZ Herald Sunday Jul 24, 2016

Simon Plumb writes that the secretive community Gloriavale church is one of t three wealthiest churches in NZ. Its wealth of over $40 million in assets consists of ‘ property, deer and dairy stocks and “vehicle and aircraft”'. Plus donations from its flock through tithing.
Plumb goes on to point out that charities linked to eight Christian goups -Gloriavale, Destiny Church, Victory Church, Life NZ, C3 Church, Equippers Church, Arise Church and City Impact Church have amassed assets worth more than $214m. ‘Gloriavale, Victory Church and City Impact Church carry the most valuable books.’
He notes that Gloriavale recently states its Christian Church Community Trust has $41.4m in total assets. Most of that is in land ($10.4m) and buildings ($11.6m) but it also has deer and dairy stocks worth $4.8m and $928,000 in "vehicles and aircraft".
Massey University Professor Peter Lineham, an expert in New Zealand's religious history and activity. says, the community is also a very regulated existence. "It's a highly controlled life and manipulated structure with ­arranged marriages....Their recruitment is entirely from a very high birth rate. But every single member in the ­community is in fact working under community orders, for the community. Nobody gets a ­separate income. All expenditure is controlled by the community."
"All of these churches hold to what we call the ­prosperity ­doctrine - which argues that the sign of God's love for you will be that you become rich and that you will earn God's love by the generosity of your gifts to the church.”
But these are just the wealthiest of the churches.

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